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my colorful life.. ♥ ♥

I'd mention about my colorful blog before..
and I LOVE the word of ~


I really really like colors..
I think, every colors presents different kind of expression..

the meaning of colorful to me is..
..a lot of emotion in one place,
and it mixed properly,
and it sounds cheerfully..

~and I'll always like it~

I'm an energetic girl.. *well, my friends told me that*
and I'm a cheerfully person, I love coloring..
and I love all of this pict..

this pict shows that I love coloring and I LOVE EVERY COLOR THAT I LOOK AT..

this is my favorite favorite favoriteeeeeeeee pict.. OMYGOSH..
just look at it, such a cute crayons.. love it, love it, love it~~ kyaa..!!

sometimes my imagination just play by itself, owh how I love to see a world full of color..
such a fantasy, right..!?? haha..

sometimes I imagine too high, and I find myself in my imagination seeing something that doesn't exist..
and I ask myself, 'why do all thing that I imagine doesn't exist..!?'
wouldn't it be great if every thing that we imagine can exist..!??
in the end, I'm imagining too high again, aren't I..?

back to my addiction to colorful objects..
I really love it..
and I'm planning to post some more about my addiction of colorful things..

C U bloggies..^^


-buat yang jail, ini postingan make bahasa inggris loh.. bukan 'kolor', tapi color.. bedaa.. OKEH..!? *waspada aje lah*-

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