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Have you ever played soccer or indoor soccer (futsal)? Well, that's not the point.
The point is let's just think that the ball that we used at the game is our Hopes, and our Dreams. Wouldn't you try as hardest you can to fulfill your very own Hopes and Dreams by making a big goal!? I think so.
I mean, who doesn't want it? What if the dream that you've been dreaming of is one step ahead of you, and all you have to do is reach the moment and don't ever give up. Give everything it takes to reach it, no matter what it takes, just keep and keep on trying. You'll see what happen next, in the future.

Sometimes our dreams seemed to fade, and our hope doesn't seem to exist anymore. But keep moving forward :) a lot of things might happen in the future, don't be too surprised.

See the pic? the little girl just go with the flow. Sometimes we don't have to rush anything. Keep it slow and make a simple fairytale of your own. But be careful, don't let 'time' slip over your hand.
It's a crazy world, it's a crazy life. I know, but it's worth fighting for. This called the game of life. Lots of choice, lots of doubt, and a little bit of happiness. :)

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