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CINLOK lagi ngetrend di kelas 3-4..!!

MANTEPPP..!! sesuai judulnya, kemarin.. wadohh asik banget..
banyak tontonan di gedung kelas 3..

asekk.. jadi gini..
there's a cute couple in my class, her name's R*** and her boyfriend's name's C****..
like the usual, they walk together at school and during break, they sit together.. and bla bla bla..
but now..
there are more than just them..
I don't believe it.. my friend A** and A**** is..... is......... walking together at the middle of the school..!! that's a shock..
I'd never realize that A**** likes A**.. gosh.. that's just weird..
those two are ALMOST gonna be a cute couple..
I'll support you A****..!! hope you'll be hers soon..!! XD
and then.............
her name is N*** and F****..!!
I kinda like hearing gossips about something happening between them..
it's pretty cute when I saw them sitting on the school stair, yesterday..
I'll support those (almost and already) cute couple..!!

hemm.. at the other side, I'm kinda worry about them..
it's almost near UN and....... and I'm just worry if they can't concentrate during the UN..
hope all of you can concentrate well.. OK..!!? love ya guyss.. :D

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